Casting Silver £125

Delft Clay, cuttlefish and water casting, wax carving and using professional services.

Enamelling £125

Metal and enamel preparation, using powdered and liquid enamels, soldered joints, decorative media, creative applications.

Chasing & Repousse - 2 days - £250

The art of drawing and making 3D relief images in metal.  Metal and pitch preparation, tools and techniques used.

Applying Gold in Jewellery £170

Including plating, gold leaf,Keum Boo, wire inlay, Nunome Zogan (a ground surface technique of creating patterned inlays)

Making Steel Tools £105

Creating basic workshop tools including bespoke punches and stone setting tools. Types of steel, grinding and shaping, tempering.

Filigree Wire Work - 2 days - £250

Traditional decorative wire work technique. Making filigree wire, application, soldering and finishing.

Making Your Own Findings £105

Including brooch backs, ear wires, jump rings and bespoke catches.

Using the Hydraulic Press £105

Creating 3D relief work, small scale production, mold making.

Fold Forming £105

A creative technique creating sculptural forms in sheet metal.

Etching £105

Electro, acid and photo etching.