Regular Tuitioin


Regular tuition options are available to those with some jewellery making experience or to those who have attended at least one of my regular jewellery making classes - this is just so that you already have the basic making skills under your belt.

They are 'project led' so I will help you create pieces to your design and you will learn all the relevant skills along the way. 

Regular class costs are as follows:

 £50 for a 4 hour session - 

morning (9.30am - 1.30pm) / afternoon (2pm - 6pm).  

£30 for a 2 hour session

evening (7pm - 9pm)

Silver used is charged extra, at the going rate, or you can provide your own.  The regular tuition option is only available on weekdays.



Bench Space

Bench Space is available to hire weekdays between 10am and 5pm.

The cost is £5/hr or £25/day

I will be present in case of emergency but after an initial induction you are free to get on as you need.

All workshop tools are available to use but capability and safe use must be demonstrated