Goldsmiths Fair 2015

Last week I visited week 2 of Goldsmiths Fair.  An absolute classic in the jewellery show calendar it is internationally renowned for showing the best in contemporary silverware and jewellery.  In their own words:

 “It’s a celebration of the best of British goldsmithing and silversmithing talent and a treasure trove of creativity and craftsmanship.”

I had an ulterior motive for visiting I have to admit, I will be applying next year and I wanted to scout out the set up!  There, I’ve said it publicly now so I really do have to! I consider Goldsmiths Fair the ‘Mecca’ of all exhibiting opportunities and is a badge of credibility so it will be an important experience for me.  I’ve already started preparing by hiring a wonderful photographer to shoot some key pieces from my collection – more on that when they’re ready to show to the world – you’ll see them here first!

No longer living in London means I haven’t been to the fair for a couple of years and it was a pleasure to be back in the beautiful Livery Hall and noting that the standard of work is as good as ever.

So I may have had a lot of things to think about but of course nothing distracts from the truly beautiful work on display.  One maker I was particularly pleased to see was Jacqueline Cullen, who’s stunning Whitby Jet jewellery I’ve only ever seen in print.  The sensual black of this natural material combined with rich gold works so well in photography but it was wonderful to view up close.

So, I highly recommend a visit to Goldsmiths Fair . . . next year!